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Moving to spectrum and new documentation home

· One min read
Andreas Marek

We have two exciting changes to announce:

New support channel at spectrum

We are moving our support channel from gitter to spectrum. Gitter served us well over the years, but with more and more people using GraphQL Java we are looking for better ways to support our community and we think spectrum is the right place to do that. Especially the Threads oriented view compared to one chat room is something we are looking forward to.

Please ask new questions at We will stop answering questions in the gitter room and direct people to spectrum. The gitter room will be closed in a couple of weeks.

New documentation home

We are also moving our documentation from readthedocs to our own page at

While the the new documentation is currently similar to the old one the layout is already an improvement and code examples are much easier readable than before. We are planning more improvements over time.