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Spring for GraphQL is the recommended Spring integration

· One min read
Donna Zhou

If you are building a GraphQL application with Spring, we recommend using the official Spring for GraphQL integration. This integration is a collaboration between the Spring and GraphQL Java teams, and is maintained by the Spring team. In May 2022, Spring for GraphQL 1.0 GA was released.

Use Spring Initializr to create a GraphQL application. For a quick tutorial, please see our Spring for GraphQL tutorial.

See also the Spring for GraphQL documentation and the repo on GitHub.

Before the official Spring for GraphQL integration was released, there were many other GraphQL integrations for Spring, including the similarly named GraphQL Java Spring project from the GraphQL Java team, published under the com.graphql-java and com.graphql-java-kickstart group IDs. Many tutorials are still referring to this unrelated project.

Please use the official integration named "Spring for GraphQL", published under org.springframework and related group IDs.