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Version: v20

Relay Support

Very basic support for Relay is included.

Please look at for a full example project.

Relay sends queries to the GraphQL server as JSON containing a query field and a variables field. The query field is a JSON string, and the variables field is a map of variable definitions. A relay-compatible server will need to parse this JSON and pass the query string to this library as the query and the variables map as the third argument to execute as shown below.

@RequestMapping(value = "/graphql", method = RequestMethod.POST, produces = MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_VALUE)
public Object executeOperation(@RequestBody Map body) {
String query = (String) body.get("query");
Map<String, Object> variables = (Map<String, Object>) body.get("variables");
if (variables == null) {
variables = new LinkedHashMap<>();
ExecutionResult executionResult = graphql.execute(query, (Object) null, variables);
Map<String, Object> result = new LinkedHashMap<>();
if (executionResult.getErrors().size() > 0) {
result.put("errors", executionResult.getErrors());
log.error("Errors: {}", executionResult.getErrors());
result.put("data", executionResult.getData());
return result;

Apollo Support

There is no special support for Apollo included: Apollo works with any schema.

The Controller example shown above works with Apollo too.